About Our Candles

Our Process

FortyStone Waxworks natural soy candles are made by hand in tiny batches in Williamsburg, Virginia. We are a small family company, and no part of our process is automated -- each product is crafted with care and meticulously tested for weeks or even months before being added to our lineup. And all FortyStone candles are aged in-house to allow the complexities of each fragrance to fully develop.

Because of the nature of the waxes we use and the amount of time we reserve for our candles to cure before sale, our candle stocks can fluctuate quite a bit. If something is sold out, check back in a few days or contact us to find out when it will be available again.

Our Products

We select our materials and components based on their performance, eco-friendliness, and origins. We choose high-quality soy waxes, wicks, and fragrances that contain no metals or phthalates. Our non-toxic candles are contained in recyclable glasses and recycled packaging, and we support American farmers and companies by buying only USA-made components (with the exception of some of our wicks which come from Germany).

Because our waxes are all-natural, some frosting may occur over time. This usually looks like traces of white wisps or small clouds in the wax, and is an indication that your soy candle is the real deal.

Our Hope

We offer a family of candles that marry the art of chemistry with the chemistry of art. We hope you enjoy your FortyStone candle!