About FortyStone Waxworks

FortyStone Waxworks is based on a singular philosophy: simple pleasures like enjoying a wonderful candle shouldn't expose you to dangerous chemicals and cause undue damage to our environment. Founder Jennifer Sekula's background in environmental science and biology led her to be wary of big-store and mass-produced candles that are typically made from petroleum-based waxes and tend to be oversaturated with scents that could contain all sorts of ingredients with effects ranging from totally safe to endocrine-disrupting or worse.

FortyStone soy candles are Jennifer's efforts to create eco-friendly products that add elegance, comfort, and enjoyment to one's surroundings while reducing exposure to the kinds of concerns that traditional candles present. Her goal is to delight each FortyStone candle customer and recipient with a beautiful, long-burning product that carries a small ecological footprint.

FortyStone Waxworks is a small family company that takes pride in being part of the millennia-old tradition of candle making. See About Our Candles for more about our processes and products.